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The Blessing Dance
(May the Blessings of God rest upon you)
  1. The Blessing Dance

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Danced with partners; one circle inside another or free form with a group.

“May the blessings of God rest upon you
While facing your partner; eye contact, prayer mudra.

May God’s peace abide with you,
with left hand up, right hand down, join both hands with your partner

May God’s presence…
lifting both arms upward, lifting the head up to follow the outstretched arms, then …
…illuminate your heart
while not actually touching, the right hand, palm faced outward, is placed level with your partner's heart. The left hand, palm inward, guides your partners right hand level to your heart.

Return to prayer mudra,

and forever
head lowered


facing your partner – eye contact, then advance to new partner.
"The Blessing Dance" Score
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