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2018.09.17 General Meeting
Minutes of the September 17th, 2018 Sufi Movement in Canada General Meeting
The meeting was held as a video conference on Monday, September 17, 9:00AM PDT, 10:00AM MDT.
Council members present:
Fazalunissa Carole Harmon, Jelaluddin Gary Sill, Kuan Yin Cindy Pujos-Michel, Akbar Lody Kieken and Nirtan Carol Ann Sokoloff. David Murray attended through his phone.
Members present:
Qahira Fran Becker
Call To Order
Jelaluddin called the meeting to order at 9:25AM PDT, 10:25MST MDT.
Old Business
No old business was brought forward.
New Business
Akbar gave a report on the Bethlehem Centre as a possible retreat location.

- open for the Spring and Fall of next year. Cost for 2019 is $135 per person per day and includes three meals.
- waiting to hear back on the cost of the conference rooms
- room for sixty people, even if we were 10 - 12 people, there would likely be room for us as well.
- in Nainaimo, on a lake
- good for an executive retreat in the Spring
- Kuan Yin and others might be able to attend via video conference call

Acceptance of Akbar’s report:

Moved by Nirtan, Seconded by Kuan Yin

A discussion of the relationship of the SMIC with the ISM continued for the remainder of the meeting.

- difficultly for everyone knowing what is going on
- Pir-0-Murshid council has been dissolved.
- David proposed that we hold off on any decision to leave the ISM
- Circle of Friends beginning to form for those who feel disenfranchised, a focus on friendship
- Nuria has not left the ISM, just her position
- Akbar noted that we were back forty years ago when there was a separation of the Sufi Order and SIRS.

each member took 3 minutes to talk.

- Fazalunissa, despite differences of style and experience, recently conversations have shown a commitment to and a love of the Sufi Message, Let’s find a way of working in our own country
- Nirtan, shocked at the process and developments. If you care about an organization, it’s best to stay in.
- Qahira, questions, how do we find out the truth in Holland? how is it changing? initial flow of emails has stopped, got to know people I didn’t know before. How and why did Nuria resign? Never have liked the colonial aspect of Canada as a subsidiary of the ISM. We can just observe and keep open to communication. It’s like late 1977, just after the Edmonton Declaration. We have a role to be the inclusive ones.
- Kuan Yin, Nawab is the new Pir, living in Oslo, will headquarters be in Oslo? Are things finished in Holland? We can try to maintain our friendships on all sides and see what happens. Will Summer School continue? We should not be sending any money to Holland since we don’t know anything about the organization or what is going on there. It’s very sad.
- Akbar, been disenchanted with the organization side of the Sufi work for quite a few years now. Almost everything that comes from Holland strikes me as being dysfunctional. A huge distraction on what we do here in Canada. Leaving is not required at this point. Frustrated, disappointed, but it doesn’t sway my love for the Message and the Sufi work.
…(Bongos from Banff stopped).
- Jelaluddin, disappointed, had the dual leadership gone forward, it would have been an example of a very modern organization, But, I now realize that both those individuals are not suited for working together. We should stay in the organization. Some other name to operate under might be a good idea. This change would re-focus on community rather than the organization. The Federation is just another organization limited by hierarchy and patriarchy. What we really want from an organization is community. These organizations are not able to accomplish that with their narrow agendas.
- Nirtan suggested a name change to “The Canadian Sufi Movement”. Fazalunissa commented that we need to say something more than an organizational name. We are not an official part of the ISM but we are Inayat Khan Sufis.
- David, Nuria has left the ISM, other major resignations are pending, Meetings of the National Representatives were beginning to feel that they, as representatives of their members, could have a voice in the organization that they never had before. But the executive branch has never indicated anything about this idea. South America, Mexico, Australia are very deeply devoted to Nawab. But everyone wants to be friends and everyone is devoted to the Message. Healing is needed.

A further meeting of the Council will be held on Thursday, September 27 at 9:00AM PST and 10:00AM MST.

Undiscussed items to be carried forward include:
A discussion of the process by which we are planning and deciding on our national retreats, to identify some ‘best practises’ towards ensuring that our decisions are based on thorough and inclusive conversation leading to well supported events. Focused by Nirtan

SMIC fundraising discussion focused by Fazalunissa

Discussion to change our “operating as” name (not the legal one) and if this seems a good idea, a process to involve the membership in the decision. Focused by Jelaluddin
Moved by Jelaluddin to adjourn the meeting

Meeting Adjourned at 10:10AM PST,
Sufi Circle Canada
Is a Sufi Movement In Canada Community
affiliated with the Sufi Movement International