A Workshop with
Fazalunissa Carole Harmon,
Jelaluddin Gary Sill &
David Murray
“If we delve deeper into the science of rhythm we shall find that it is rhythm which causes a certain thing to be made in a certain way. Whatever geometrical form has been given to it, the reason behind its form is the rhythm of the power that has made it. Harmonious forms are manifestations of ordered rhythm and inharmonious forms are manifestations of a disorder in the rhythm”.

Inayat Khan

Updated: 2016.04.22
The Rhythm of the Sacred retreat and workshop will focus on the understanding of sacred rhythms of form and the resulting impressions made on our bodies, hearts, minds and souls.
A special focus will be on ritual with Sufi teacher David Murray presenting Sacred Geometry. With David’s gentle guidance, there will be an opportunity to participate in the Sufi Universal Worship service on Sunday morning.
“A Search Into the Meaning of the Service of the Universal Worship. A Geometric Pursuit into its Form and Symbolism”
Through identifying and relating to the symmetries in abstract space we can re-balance our own being with resulting benefits to our personal expression of life in the world.

Times, Locations and Program Notes
November 12, 9:30AM to 9:30PM
(with lunch and dinner breaks)
Morning and Afternoon Session
9:30PM - 5:00PM

The Vancouver Sufi Centre
(455 East 17 Avenue)
and the
VanDusen Botanical Gardens
(5251 Oak Street at West 37 Avenue)

We will spend the day in the home of Jelaluddin and Fazalunissa with an excursions out into the beautiful grounds of the VanDusen Gardens. The program will offer open hearted discussion and experience of the Sufi mystical view and it’s hidden benefit to our daily lives combined with spiritual practices which enhance both meditation and concentration.

We will share lunch in Truffle’s restaurant in the VanDusen Garden.

Evening Session
7:30PM - 9:30PM

Vancouver Sufi Centre
455 17 Avenue East (between Main & Fraser)

Following a dinner break we will reconvene at the home of Jelaluddin and Fazalunissa for a final discussion and the deep and peaceful practice of the
Singing Zikar.
November 13, 9:30AM to 1:00PM
The Vancouver Sufi Centre

Perhaps there is no better expression of our shared spiritual experience than Universal Worship. The qualities of Love, Harmony and Beauty are drawn together in a beautiful realization of divine consciousness. This ceremony respects all human spiritual expressions, known and unknown.

Afterwards, there will be a social time and our goodbyes.
Fazalunissa Harmon and Jelaluddin Sill have been teachers and guides in the Sufi Movement in Canada for many years. They bring a depth of spiritual insight and profound attunement to their artistic, outer and spiritual work. Participants have benefited from their compassionate nature, their broad knowledge and their gentle humour. Together, they co-lead the Vancouver Sufi Centre.
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Fazalunissa Carole Harmon

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Jelaluddin Gary Sill

David has been a Sufi teacher and leader for many years and through a light-hearted and loving approach, he brings new insights to understanding the Sufi path. As an architect, he is naturally drawn to explore the esoteric symmetry of ritual, prayer and chant. David is the Canadian National Representative for the Sufi Movement International. He is also a Siraj (senior conductor) in the Universal Worship service.
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David Murray

“the Sanskrit poets were very particular about the psychology of rhythm, words, letters, and syllables. They found that poetry had a mantric effect, which means that poetic inspiration creates a certain effect in the same way as mantrams or sacred words…
It is only this simple thing: to be in rhythm with life's conditions and to be in tune with the infinite”.

Inayat Khan

at retreat: March, 2013, Van Duesen Gardens, Vancouver

Accommodation Note
The Best Western Uptown hotel is within an easy walk of the Vancouver Sufi Centre (Jelaluddin and Fazalunissa’s home).
Lunch Note
The VanDusen Garden has a Cafeteria style restaurant. Handy for lunch.
What to Bring Notes
• Vancouver weather in November can be wet. Think about bringing an umbrella, raincoat and waterproof footwear. So far, the retreats at this time of year have been wonderfully sunny and dry, but…
• Some of the practices are on the floor so bring a meditation cushion or rug if you have one. There will be cushions and some rugs provided though. Chairs are available for those that need or want them.