A Personal Experience of the Sufi Movement In Canada
by Jelaluddin Gary Sill
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In the late 1970’s, a group of young people living in Alberta, Canada were introduced to the philosophy of Hazrat Inayat Khan, a spiritual teacher who travelled from India to the West in 1910. He spread what he called the Sufi Message, first through his music, then through lectures and writing.
Sufia Carol Sill had written to Shamcher Bryn Beorse, a student of Inayat Khan, who lived in Washington state. Their deep connection informed and focused the weekly meetings held in Edmonton and Calgary and a Sufi community reflecting the ideals of Inayat Khan Sufism began to develop.
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image: "Lake O'Hara, The Sufi Path" Fazalunissa Harmon
Murshid Hidayat exclaimed many times either we are all Sufis or nobody is. In terms of the Inner School this statement is esoterically undeniable. There are no membership dues for the Inner School. God welcomes all.

But then, it's not the Inner School that makes meetings, retreats, publications, websites and mailing lists; it is individuals within an organization and this organization is the Sufi Movement In Canada.
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the 2017 SMIC summer retreat