SMIC Membership and Donations
Calling All Sufis in Canada
The time has come to invite you to renew your membership in, or join, The Sufi Movement in Canada.

In a way, this is a formality since the esoteric atmosphere of Sufism continues unabated despite practical organizational matters such as membership renewals. It doesn't pay attention to whether or not you are a member of SMIC. However, I hope you will enthusiastically renew your membership as it is through SMIC that much of the practical work in Canada is being done.
Each year there are enthusiastically attended workshops and all Centres are active in one way or another in Banff, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria and Salmon Arm. Even in places which do not have a formal Centre, such as Calgary, Toronto and Winnipeg there are events going on and interested Sufis.

This Sufi Movement in Canada website is the go to place for information about these events, as it becomes available, and for a variety of practices and teachings.
Jelaluddin is engaged in an ongoing project of adding vocal parts to the wazifa sound tracks. He has recorded male and female parts and several have already been mixed and mastered. The early responses are very enthusiastic when they have been tried by groups in Banff and Vancouver.

If you would prefer to download the membership application form,
click this link below:

The Details
Thanks for filling out a membership form which is on this website and submitting it. Payment can be by cheque or email transfer sent to me.

A yearly membership is $25.00 per individual of which $13.00 is tax deductible. We also accept tax deductible donations.

It is my pleasure to be part of a small but committed organization which is dedicated to fostering love, harmony and beauty in the world at a time of so much stress and anxiety. I hope you will join me.

With warmest wishes and sufi hugs,

Fazalunissa Carole Harmon

National Representative

Questions about membership? Contact:
David Murray

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