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The Vancouver Sufi Centre

Meetings are held once a week with seasonal breaks during the year.

There is no need to be a Vancouver Sufi Centre member or have had any previous experience to attend our events. We only ask that, if you are interested in joining us for classes, workshops or retreats, that you please send us an email about your interest using the inquiries form below. Everyone is welcome.

Tell Us If You Are Coming!

If you are coming to a meeting, please let us know by sending us an email.

This is very helpful and most appreciated.


updated 2017.09.02
Weekly meetings have begun for the Fall session

Meetings will end in early December.

Watch for Vancouver special nights over the Fall.
Regular Program

Weekly Sufi meetings start at 7:15PM and end at 9:15PM.

The evenings are a mix of practices, readings, discussion and usually close with a
Wazifa (chant).

The Singing Zikar of Inayat Khan is a regular practice during the Fall series.

We have some mats and cushions for the chanting but do bring your own if you prefer. It is also fine to sit in a chair if floor sitting is not possible.
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Guides Fazalunissa Harmon and Jelaluddin Sill

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the Vancouver Sufi Centre Meeting Room

We are a small group that meets to share the teachings and practices of the great Indian musician and mystic, Hazrat Inayat Khan. This includes meditation, chanting, breathing, concentrations and readings.


"According to the sacred history which the Sufis have inherited from one another, it is clear that Sufism has never been owned by any race or religion, for differences and distinctions are the very delusions from which Sufis purify themselves. It might appear that Sufism must have been formed of the different elements of various religions which are prominent today, but it is not so, for Sufism itself is the essence of all the religions...".

Inayat Khan

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...the founder of the Sufi Movement, was born in Baroda, India on July 5, 1882. He was a famous musician when he left India with his cousin and brother in 1910, travelling in the West to bring to the world the harmony of the music of India and the Sufi Message of spiritual liberty.

Inayat Khan traveled widely in America and Europe from 1910 until 1920, when he set up a residence in France and focused on summer schools, classes and lectures. In this uniquely western form of Sufism, there are no barriers of race, creed or religion, it is not a religion, but rather a way of life that enhances and fulfills every religion. As Inayat Khan said, "The Sufi sees the truth in every religion."

The Sufi Movement in Vancouver is committed to the ideals of Spiritual Liberty as expressed in the
Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan.