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by Murshid Hidayat Inayat-Khan
Updated here: 2015.09.07

Various Paths of Realization
The brightness of a Light-Globe is subject to the transparency of the glass, besides the type of the wiring within the globe, which receives different potentials of volts corresponding to the  structure. In the same way, the brightness of the Light of the God- Ideal shining in all Religions, is subject to the truthfulness of the Leaders and the sincerity of the followers,

This is also experienced in various Churches, Synagogues, Mosques and Temples known and unknown, visited by followers of different Cultures, each with more or less attachment to their own religion. Some feel the need for a moment of inner relaxation, and others feel the need to be relieved from a disturbed conscience; whereas others come with the hope to receive Godly help in difficult situations; and others, are drawn by the longing for inner communication with the unseen Presence, offering prayers of different natures, and calling for Blessings. Obviously, Diamonds, Rubies and numerous precious jewels are found in all Religions.

Truth, which is searched for in all Religions, cannot be limited within secret sects, where speculative interpretations are made available to the believers. Truth cannot be confined by descriptive terminology, nor can it be identified as being the property of one single transmission because of its universal nature. Some declare having found Truth in either Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, as well as in many other religious beliefs, known or unknown to the world at large; but when Truth is formulated at the level of individual understanding, it is then diversified in various interpretations, just as pure water poured into coloured glasses gives the impression of being shaded to the colour of the glasses.
Wisdom is an ongoing process consisting in purifying the mind from the confinement of traditional concepts, besides working on one's own pre-conceived ideas, avoiding thereby the perpetuation of confusing misunderstandings, which emphasize the spectre of fanaticism.

Wisdom unfolds age after age through the inspiration of the bringers of the World Messages, which the followers regrettably re-model within dogmatic theories, whereas the original Ideals were destined to offer a helping hand toward the realization of Truth; but when Truth falls in the hands of those who think that they know, it is then confined within rigid forms, and clad in ancestral garbs, perpetuating false illusions that are the fundamental cause of most conflicts between the various beliefs,

We all have an ego, nevertheless, there is also beauty in the heart; and when coordinating these two opposite energies, one is then in harmony with oneself as well as with others, alike the rose and the thorn, which are both parts of one and the same plant. The rose offers beauty and perfume, whereas the thorns are ugly; yet both are sustained by the same root. The thorns, which one is expected to vanquish are those of one's own ego, which is depressing to one's self, just as the thorns of the ego of others prick deeply into one's own heart.

The process called 'The Art of Personality' unfolds  along a thorny path, where every step is a reminder of one's responsibilities toward those who depend upon an example to follow. Many polish up their manners, but polish is not necessarily beauty, and a polite approach is not necessarily sincere; whereas tact, which arises from the feeling heart, reflects wisdom and  intelligence, which is however, liable to be misinterpreted as being hypocrisy. Further more, physical make-ups are not necessarily descriptive of moral integrity, and false pretence is a dishonest and confusing example given to those who expect experiencing truthfulness. 

As known from fairytales, there is a magic formula, used in turning base metal into gold. This mystical tale symbolizes so specifically the work done in transforming the grossness of the ego into a humble attitude, where the 'I' consciousness is remodelled as graciousness and modesty, which is not necessarily weakness; it is a feeling arising from the living heart, which is secretly conscious of its inner beauty, while at the same time veiling itself even from its own sight.
This wise recognize that both impulses, ego and modesty, are just only sparks of the all-pervading indescribable energy constantly manifesting behind all initiatives. The conscience is the true spectator of all events reflected as images upon a mirror without causing any permanent alteration to the picture on the inner screen. Any role performed in the play of life, soon becomes intoxicating, and under that spell, one cherishes the illusions of the game, but no experience in life is worthless, and not one moment is really wasted, providing one is wise enough to lean from regrettable memories. Even in a fall there is a hidden stepping-stone, by which one might rise above one's shortcomings, discovering thereby, signs of hidden guidance.

Every effort made toward the fulfillment of one's life's purpose, whether material or spiritual, brings one step by step closer to the ultimate goal, and can be seen as a humble contribution to the fulfillment of the Divine Purpose, which is in a constant state of formation according to a central theme. When rising to the greatest heights, and simultaneously diving into the deepest depths, the false self-conscience is vanquished, finding itself anew, as a ray of the all-pervading immanence of that indescribable energy constantly manifesting behind all impulses.

The seed finds the fulfillment of its purpose, reaching deep into the earth as a root, while simultaneously rising above the surface, as a plant spreading out in full blossom under the rays of the sun.

Hidayat  Inayat-Khan
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image: Fazalunissa Harmon