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by Murshid Hidayat Inayat-Khan

The Message of Spirituality
The Message of Spirituality in our time is illustrated in various ways during the Summer School, which was originally founded by Hazrat Inayat Khan in 1922, in Suresnes, France.

Among the activities experienced during the Summer School session, some are obviously inspired by the various World Religions.
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I. The Breathing practices chosen from the complex science of breath called ‘Prana-Yama’, as well as the chanting of sacred words called Mantram, are both specific practices done with great discipline in the Hindu Religion.
2. Meditation, practiced as a spiritual connection with the All-Pervading Energy, is one of the main themes of contemplation experienced in Buddhism.
3. The inner attunement to the specific influences revealed in the five Elements, as experienced in the Element Ritual and in the Zirat Ritual, are two mystical ceremonies inspired by the science called Symbology, which is a mystical activity in the Inner School of the Zoroastrian Religion.
4. The reference ‘’Towards The One”, heard in the Invocation said daily, is inspired by the Ideal of the One God. This Ideal was originally the basic foundation of the Jewish Religion. 5. The feeling for sacredness expressed in the lighting of candles symbolizing an attunement to heavenly grace, as well as the deep feelings experienced while reciting prayers is so profoundly inspired by the Christian Religion.
6. The Esoteric practices called Singing Wazifas, as well as the Singing Zikar are inspired from ancient Islamic traditions.

Note It is to be understood that the practices as herewith mentioned, are certainly explained and experienced in different ways and variously emphasized in all Religions.