also see Nawab's Inner Call blog post here
also see Nawab's Inner Call
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February 5, 2018 – Visalat Day
February 5, 2018 – Visalat Day

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When attuned to the unstruck music sounding in one's heart as an expression of Love,
And when responding in Harmony with that celestial melody
One is offering thereby, a true example of nature's Beauty.

The Magic Cup
The relation that exists between Murshid and mureed is so subtle and so delicate that only a few persons can understand it. The one who does not know it, for him it is nothing; and the one who knows it, for him it is everything. The light of the stars and planets, which we see is in accordance to the light that it responds to. And since the relation between the Murshid and mureed is connected with light, the nature of this relation is also similar to that of the stars and planets.

In sympathy, there is the proof of love, there is the proof of oneness, there is the proof of the link, when one begins to feel what is expected. No sooner the heart of a mureed begins to realize this, it automatically turns into a cup, and a magic cup that becomes larger and larger. And the light and life as a sacrament is filled in it, and there remains always a place to fill.
The Message Papers
Teaching Given by Murshid to His Mureeds
July 28, 1925
As we drink Murshid’s words into the depths of our being, may our sympathy for his loving example and tireless sacrifice empty all trace of self from the magic cup of our hearts.

May this ever-growing akasha become more and more receptive to the light and life and love of God, to the constant guidance of Murshid and to the divine call of the Message.

May the bond of sympathy grow between all those who feel the call, permitting us to enlighten and enliven each other and the world around us in loving devotion to the divine Message of Spiritual Liberty.

February 5, 2018 – Visalat Day
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